Tarekh (history) aur siyasat by Dr Mubarak Ali تاریخ اورسیاست ازڈاکٹرمبارک علی free pdf read online

Tarekh (history) aur siyasat by Dr Mubarak Ali تاریخ اورسیاست ازڈاکٹرمبارک علی free pdf read online

Why is history important? So that people can gain maturity mentally and consciously by being aware of past events and historical processes. It is also important to avoid the mistakes made by previous nations. The study of history gives a sense to nations and inculcates in them an intuition that, from the experiences of the past, they can understand the course of the present. The first part of this book contains essays on history. The second part is about imperialism, with some articles translated from English; the third part is about revolution. In the changing conditions of the world, many intellectuals have now deviated from the path of revolution. But this question is still important: in these societies, where evils reach their extremes, is it not possible to reform there? So this part is especially important for us. The conditions that existed before the revolution in the societies of France, Russia, and China. We are facing them today. Therefore, the question arises: what should be their solution? A study of history is necessary to find this solution.

Why is history important?

A branch of knowledge gains popularity in society when it fulfills its needs and makes its utility essential to society because society’s needs change, its demands change, and its problems change. As new approaches are adopted, knowledge needs to change along with it so that it can understand the changing conditions and find solutions to the newly created problems. Therefore, when we talk about historical consciousness, it means the consciousness of change and this consciousness of change makes the subject of history important. So far in our society, history is not studied for the purpose of analyzing the changing conditions but for the purpose of simply knowing the past conditions as entertainment. Therefore, history is not seen from the point of view of utility in our society, and its importance in the practical needs of life and in the formation of society is not recognized.

Therefore, the question arises: does history meet the requirements of our society? Is he capable of doing it and if so, then why has this work not been taken from him so far? One is the status of history, which is taught in our educational institutions, and as such, it is taught for purely political purposes. Because of this limited perspective, history does not emerge as useful knowledge for society. Another use of history is moral preaching, whereby history is read for reward and expected to solve the moral problems of society. This narrow political and religious use of history has also soured the importance of history. What should be the purpose of history? The most important goal is that society should identify itself as a whole through history, and this identification is possible only when the people living in society have complete information about each other.

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For example, our society, on the one hand, is divided into classes; it is also divided into castes, sects, and tribes. There are differences between village and urban life in terms of language, customs, and geographical differences. In these situations, due to a lack of knowledge, they are not fully aware of each other, and this ignorance not only keeps them away from each other but also helps in forming wrong attitudes and prejudices about them.

Gives For example, we have very limited information about nomadic tribes; often, we see them wandering in forests and deserts outside the cities and form an opinion on whatever we hear about them. Our lack of knowledge of their living habits helps to create suspicions against them. The same is true of religious sects and castes. Due to which the distance from each other keeps increasing. A date can be used here. If the history of these nomadic tribes is explored, their rituals and beliefs are researched, and their correct picture is presented to society, then not only will the doubts be removed, but it will also help them to come closer. The same process can be applied to religious sects and different cultural castes and communities.

History will form the identity of society by combining all of them and bringing each other closer by erasing hatred and prejudice. Through history, where on one hand the task of uniting the disaffected, scattered, and divided people of a society can be taken, it can also create harmony in other nations and societies. The greatest weakness of human society is that it looks at the morals, religion, and social behavior of others according to its own standards, and when it sees a contradiction in it, it declares it wrong without understanding its historical significance.

For example, Muslims see Hindu festivals and their rituals as myths, but if the history of ancient India is studied and their rituals, festivals and traditions are seen in this background, under what conditions they arose and they If we fulfill the needs of society in historical terms, then only in that case will we be able to know their importance, and only in that case will our prejudices be removed. In this sense, history can not only remove prejudices and hatred, but it can also bring nations closer to each other by broadening the mind. This is not the work of history

He should decide which religion is true and immortal, but his task is to examine the birth of each religion and ideology in the historical process and highlight its importance so that it is easy to understand its historical role. . There was a time when this world was very small for man; he spent his whole life in the cities, villages, and towns where he lived, due to which his experiences were very limited and his information was based on rumours. Compared to this, today’s world has expanded a lot, and along with it, the human mind has also expanded. Now it is the task of history to provide complete and accurate information about the nations, countries, and societies of the world so that it brings them closer together.

Because history sees man only as man, his religion, race, and color do not concern him. History’s greatest usefulness is enhanced by the fact that it preserves the memories of society as a whole. An individual’s memory is weak, and society also quickly forgets an event. If these events are not preserved by history, society will soon forget their experiences, whether good or bad. Is. It is a result of this that in societies where modern history is not formed and where the people are kept ignorant, the same individuals who have committed crimes in the past do not come to power again and again.

The same political parties that once oppressed the people after being in power again gain power by raising slogans of people’s friendship. The only reason for this is that our history does not preserve their character and deeds, and the people quickly forget their painful past and become deluded. Only through history can this process be stopped, and only through this can leaders and parties be held accountable. And above all, the study of history gives society a sense of self-knowledge. He can assess where he stands in relation to other societies. From history itself, he learns what causes societies to progress and what causes them to prevent progress. Past experience is like a new mirror for him in which he can see his pace and actions. This sense of self-awareness helps society move forward.

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