Sunset all-western Cook book, Free PDF Read Online

Sunset all-western Cook book, Free PDF Read Online

Cook books and cook books there are in extraordinary overflow assortments of old Southern recipes, New Britain recipes, Chinese recipes, recipes for entrées, meat dishes, meatless dishes, etc. in uncounted number. Strange to say, the West and its products have been largely ignored in all this abundance of excellent cookbooks, whether they are general or specific. This is odd when one considers that Western cuisine and hospitality have been known throughout the region since the discovery of gold. It is especially peculiar when one thinks about the fact that our Western states produce such a bounty of surprising and uncommonly great leafy foods, vegetables, and fish.

Sunset all-western Cook book

A large number of these are, obviously, transported to different segments of the country. A decent number of others, nonetheless, can’t well be sent, as we are delighted in the entirety of their tastyness here at the cause of supply. Of those items that are delivered East, we of the West have more noteworthy overflow at lower costs, and we have them at their best, straight from farm nursery or plantation or from the actual Pacific. This Nightfall All-Western Cook Book makes no misrepresentation of being a finished cook book that will respond to every one of your inquiries concerning common cooking and baking.

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There are currently too many excellent general cook books available for us to attempt to compile all of this knowledge into a single volume. Instead, we have attempted to make this a very useful guide to the preparation and serving of typically Western foodstuffs by omitting, to the greatest extent possible, the standard recipes and information that are found in every other cook book. In addition, despite the fact that it does not claim to be a general cookbook, we anticipate that it will be used more frequently than the typical cookbook in every Western home kitchen it enters. After spending five years in close contact with homemakers in the Pacific Coast states, this Sunset All-Western Cook Book was born. You who have added to the Kitchen Cupboard recipe

In the exchange of Sunset Magazine, you have provided the inspiration for this book and much of the information it contains by asking questions or providing friendly feedback.
Assuming you find that some phenomenal recipe or piece of information about some Western item is missing from this “treasury” of Western recipes, if you don’t mind, kindly put it directly down and compose it for us, so we may potentially consolidate it in the following release of the Dusk All-Western Cook Book.

And in the event that you discover any errors or false information (which, God help us, bid! ), if you don’t mind, kindly point out that, too. We kindly request your assistance in making this book the first step toward a comprehensive reference book on the origin, description, preparation, cooking, and serving of every Western food product. We are indebted to a number of Western home economists, homemakers, and market professionals who assisted us in preparing this material. Unique thanks are reached out to Bertha E. Shapleigh, Marjorie Dark, Jeannette Cramer, Helen Wells, Mrs. A. S. Baldwin, Gladys Artisan, Charlotte Sloan, and Ruth B. Path. For reference, the accompanying books have been seen as particularly valuable: Food and How to Cook.

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