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PPSC Model Papers 2024: A New Pattern and its solution

As you are well aware, the Punjab Public Service Commission has made some changes in the paper pattern, due to which most people are hesitant and worried whether the Advanced PPSC Model Paper is now available. Not preparing is a waste of time and now where should the preparation be done, etc.? In the service of all these friends, it is submitted that more than 60 percent of the questions that have been taken by the commission recently have come from the previous papers.

However, the language and way of asking many questions have been changed. Now that the current affairs portion has increased, most people continue to suffer. In this regard, the candidates should study the daily Dawn carefully. Advanced Publishers is publishing various but comprehensive books on English, Urdu, Islamiat, math, current affairs, computer science, and computer science that will meet your every paper requirement.Therefore, all of you friends are requested to have full faith in your hard work and ability, as well as in the presence of Allah Ta’ala, and to continue working hard.

Then, when it comes to one paper test directed by the Help Commissions or some other body, the applicants are confused with regards to what to review. They usually take it easy, thinking that it won’t take much effort, which is a terrible assumption. General information has extensive variety of subjects and the applicants should be completely mindful of the areas which should be given more noteworthy significance. This understanding puts them right on track by utilizing their significant investment. They can set it up in the shortest conceivable time. For this reason, they need to have a fair thought about the example, which is typically followed by the Punjab Public Commission.

To begin arrangement with no thought of the example is only to grab in the haziness. The candidates’ lives have been made much simpler by the answers to the PPSC’s numerous previous papers. They will find this book to be of great assistance, and if they read it, they will almost certainly be able to pass any paper test. I have done my very best to repeat the greatest number of unique papers. However, when I see that other publishers are producing question papers that are not real, I am shocked. Here, perusers are the best appointed authority.
Mistakes in the book can be reported directly to me by readers. Kandeel Fatima, MSc Mathematics, Sub Inspector Punjab Police, solves the mathematics portion in this edition. I’m obligated to her.

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New Syllabus for General Ability MCQ Test

1. General Knowledge

It is expected of the candidates to have a general understanding of what and where things are, when and where events take place, how things work, important people, etc. It basically tests the candidates’ general reading comprehension, experience, and intellectual curiosity.

2. Pakistan Studies

Candidates for Pakistan Studies are expected to have a basic understanding of the Pakistan movement’s historical perspective, major events in the fight for Pakistan, prominent figures, post-independence issues, constitutional developments, foreign policy, the economy, defense, Kashmir and other territorial disputes, and other topics. Questions would also be asked about Pakistan’s politics and domestic issues, people and land, regional issues, socioeconomic issues, culture, music, sports, and other topics.

3. Islamic Studies

The applicants are supposed to show fundamental information on the Heavenly Quran, Hadith, life and seasons of the Blessed Prophet (PBUH), Khulfa-e-Rashideen, Arkan-e-Islam, wide information on significant occasions in Islamic history, and conspicuous characters. Non-Muslim applicants would be tried in the field morals, relative religions and inquiries of general nature.

4. Current Affairs

Current Affairs It is expected of candidates to have a basic understanding of current affairs, including politics, history, and international affairs. Questions may also be asked about international treaties, recent developments in Pakistan and elsewhere, global issues like security, economy, human rights, environmental degradation, nuclear, and similar issues.

5. Geography

Competitors are supposed to have essential information on Pakistan’s geology, geography, ecological issues, demography, mineral abundance, and so on. In addition, it is anticipated that they will have a fundamental understanding of the world’s geography, including geographic terms and prominent locations and characteristics.

6. Mathematics

Mathematics Candidates should be able to solve problems and have a basic understanding of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Questions and issues might connect with: numbers; percentages; averages; proportions and ratios; equations; simplifications; Reihe of numbers; loan costs; problems related to time, distance, and work, as well as fundamental area, volume, and other formulas. Calculators would not be allowed to be used.

7. English

The active and passive voice, idioms, proverbs, phrases, synonyms, antonyms, analogies, sentence construction, and other aspects of English grammar are expected of English candidates. Competitors ought to have the option to accurately utilize English.

8. Urdu

Urdu candidates are expected to have a solid understanding of the language and its proper usage. grammar, idioms, and proverbs, as well as a basic understanding of well-known poets and writers from Urdu.

9. Everyday Science

The Up-and-comers are supposed to have essential information on Science, Physical science and Science. terms used in science, discoveries and inventions, the human body, celestial bodies, and environmental issues or problems. The candidates could, in general, be tested on their understanding of everyday experience and observation of things and phenomena within the context of their scientific explanations.

10. Computer Skills

Computer Skills Candidates should be familiar with Microsoft Office, the internet, e-mail, prominent I.T. figures, and fundamental I.T. applications, in addition to having a basic understanding of computers, software, hardware, and commonly used terms.

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