NTS-GAT-GRE Guide By Dogar: Free PDF Read Online

NTS-GAT-GRE Guide By Dogar: Free PDF Read Online

Dogger Publishers needs no introduction. It is considered a trusted name in the publishing world. The services of this institution in the field of education are endless. Few institutes are lucky enough to receive the Dogar Zeonik books published under our institution among the teachers and students. By the grace and grace of God, our books are read and taught throughout the country, and the demand for them abroad is increasing daily.

Perhaps this is the reason why students turn to our institution for guidance whenever they face any problem and we try not to disappoint our esteemed readers. For this purpose, we have formed an editorial board consisting of renowned educationists, educational psychologists, senior professors, teachers, curriculum and examination experts, who would compile books on various topics and subjects keeping in mind the problems and needs of the students.

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When NTS was started in our country on the pattern of ETS in foreign countries, a large number of students turned to our institution for guidance. Initially the scope of NTS was limited but with the passage of time the system was expanded keeping in view its importance and usefulness, so when we realized that there was a dire need of a book to guide the students. So we decided to write this book keeping in mind the national service. I am thankful to the Almighty God who gave me the courage and strength to complete this work. This is a standard unique and comprehensive book that covers NTS comprehensively and does not overlook any aspect.

This book will prove to be the best resource for students regarding NTS. It did not include unnecessary things. After reading this guide, students will not feel alienated about the paper when they sit in the examination hall. The guide covers models with this approach in mind. Dear students appearing for NTS exams please note that this book is only a guide which is written to guide you and solve your difficulties. It by no means covers the entire examination papers. For thorough preparation of the exams you must study the books recommended as per the nature of the exam.

Generally, SAT GAT (general), ‘GRE (local) or GMAT books are recommended. All these books are written keeping in mind the requirements of various exams conducted internationally. Many foreign books can be found in the market.By the grace of Allah, our institute is publishing unique books on SAT GMAT and GRE for the first time, keeping in view the educational background of Pakistan, which will be available in the market very soon. and we have full hope that these books will prove to be a milestone.

Introduction to the NTS-GAT-GRE Guide By Dogar

The education system is like a body which consists of different parts and all these parts are interconnected and perform their respective functions. Curriculum, teachers, students, teachers, extra-curricular activities and exams etc. are some of its basic parts. Examinations, trials and tests etc. are the backbone of the education system. Any education system is incomplete without an effective examination system. From ancient times till today, there has been some prevalent method of examination in every era.

They have always existed and will continue to exist in one form or another in the future. It is a single scale for measuring different abilities and skills. Pakistan is also not tired of it and our academics are always trying to make it better. It is also one of the top priorities of the Government of Pakistan. NTS was introduced in this regard. Internationally NTS stands for many things but it is New Testing Scheme.

In Pakistan it is called National Testing Service and a private organization has been entrusted with the responsibility of conducting the test. Initially this test p. H. D and MPhil were used for admissions at the international level, but with time, its scope is being expanded and the same institution is also responsible for conducting entrance tests in various universities, colleges and institutions at the country level. is being handed over.

Dogar Publishers is determined to provide service in all fields of education, so keeping in mind the difficulties of students regarding NTS, this book has been prepared for their proper guidance and this work is done in the spirit of service. It has been observed. ETS is practiced instead of NTS in some countries of the world. In some of our neighboring countries, this procedure of examinations is also practiced. The establishment of this institution in Pakistan was implemented in July 2002 with the aim of testing and measuring the knowledge, intelligence and quality of education of students.

There is a big discrepancy in the curriculum taught in the educational institutions of our country and different institutions teach different curricula at different levels, so it was tough to determine the quality of students separately, similarly the quality of education is also great. There is a difference. For this reason, students of major institutions should benefit
used to go and the students of small institutes used to suffer from the feeling of deprivation, but with the establishment of NTS, efforts have been made to control this thing to a great extent.

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Objectives NTS-GAT-GRE Guide By Dogar

As stated above the main objective of NTS is to measure the abilities, skills and aptitudes of students and to improve the quality of education in Pakistan. Its objective is to conduct entrance exams for aspirants who wish to take admission in universities, colleges and institutes at the international and national level. Some of its detailed objectives are as follows:

  1. Addressing the shortcomings of our current examination methods and better assessing and measuring student performance.
  2. To introduce a proper accurate and scientific methodology Conducting various types of entrance tests through this efficient method.
  3. Bringing to light a standard and uniform examination procedure for students seeking admission in international and national level universities and institutions so that no one’s rights are lost.
  4. Bringing to light a standard and uniform examination procedure for students seeking admission in international and national level universities and institutions so that no one’s rights are lost. Preparing entrance tests for agencies that conduct tests internationally so that students do not feel alienated when they sit for the exams.
  5. Do not test the students in a particular subject but rather test their merit and basic abilities. To correct the deficiencies found in the students. Primarily to provide an effective and reliable system to measure and assess the skills and abilities of employed and unemployed candidates based on their knowledge and skills. Bridging the gap between educational preparation and practical need in society means producing as many professionals as can be consumed in the market.

NTS is a not-for-profit autonomous organization engaged in pursuing its objectives with full dedication and passion. Regarding the students It has special focus on the following few core issues: Promoting high quality education on a large scale.

  • Making tests, examinations and measurements accurate, appropriate and efficient.
  • Better definition of knowledge skills, abilities and professional competences. Conducting various types of tests and entrance examinations.
  • Acting as a liaison between the academic and professional sectors at international and national level.

At that time, apart from PhD and MPhil admissions, some prominent universities, colleges, and institutes of the country conducted NTS entrance exams responsibilities and their number is likely to increase with the passage of time.

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