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Elixir of current affairs

Introduction: Elixir of current Affairs, First Edition

This is the third book in the “A Refresher in Knowledge” series and the second in the “Elixir” series, after Elixir of Pakistan Affairs. The writing of both of these books in the “Elixir” series was undertaken after the astonishing success of the first book, The Interview Genius, which has been greatly appreciated by the young aspirants preparing for the CSS and PMS exams, especially those preparing for the viva voce.

My sincere thanks to all those who obtained it, especially those who found it useful and benefited. This book has been written keeping the requirements of the CSS syllabus in mind. In fact, every effort has been made to follow the syllabus as closely as possible. An in-depth analysis of different subjects and events has been provided with adequate comments and conclusions at the end of most chapters.

In writing this book, I have adopted a novel approach, as I did with Elixir of Pakistan Affairs: The whole book has been written in the “bullet” format. My publisher, Adeel Niaz, agrees that this style makes it easier for the reader to understand, grasp, and remember what is being studied. Actually, it was he who wholeheartedly encouraged me to undertake the writing of both books in the “Elixir” series. I am indebted to him.

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The manuscript was supposed to be sent to the press in March 2020. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 outbreak and the ensuing lockdowns in Lahore caused a delay. On the other hand, it gave me the chance to update it—particularly the section on Pakistan’s economy—and add data that the government had published in the 2019–20 Economic Survey and the 2020–21 federal budget.

I visited a tonne of websites to conduct research for this book. I relied on my notes and clippings from various newspapers collected over time, in addition to books on different topics. The websites are far too numerous for me to name, but I do acknowledge that without access to them, this book would not have been possible. Therefore, a collective, big thank you to them all for allowing me access to their databanks. Thanks are also due to my spouse, Zaiba, for tolerating my long hours at the computer each day for several months and for showing patience.

Introduction: Elixir of current Affairs, Second Edition

On September 29, 2020, I received a call from my very excited publisher informing me that they were fast running out of the first edition of this book. It had been barely a month and a half since it was published in mid-August. At first, I thought it was a prank and he was pulling my leg, but as the conversation progressed, I realized he was talking in earnest.

I am aware of the phrase “selling like hot cakes” but had never imagined it would, one day, apply to one of my books. He insisted that I get to work right away on the second, revised edition of the book. I had, as a matter of habit, already started collecting relevant material for the second edition.

All I needed to do was sift through it, edit it, and rewrite it in a running sequence for it to become a continuation of the previous edition. I am humbled by the very positive response from the ‘Glowing Embers’, as I lovingly call the young CSS/PMS aspirants, scores of whom have been approaching me on a regular basis for guidance. Yes, they are glowing; all they need is some fanning to turn them into ‘flames’ and prepare them for the task that lies ahead of them.

This I strive to do through continuous virtual guidance and my books. It is their love and respect that exalts me and drives me on. So, a big thank you to you all for supporting and encouraging me in my endeavor. God bless you! In the first edition I had, at the behest of my publisher, Adeel Niaz, experimented with the bullet format throughout the book. It was a novel idea that met with instant success for the readers found it easy to read and, more importantly, even easier to remember facts and figures presented in this format.

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Whereas the first edition contained data up to mid-June 2020, an effort has been made here to include updates up to mid-October 2020, at least in chapters including Pakistan’s Domestic Affairs: Economic; Pakistan’s Relations with Saudi Arabia; Pakistan’s Relations with SAARC; Pakistan’s Relations with OIC; and International Political Economy. I hope readers will welcome this revised edition just as they did the first one.

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