An important figure in Islamic history is Engineer Muhammad Kamal Ismail

An important figure in Islamic history is Engineer Muhammad Kamal Ismail

Muhammad Kamal Ismail was an engineer by profession; he played a major role in the construction of the holiest mosques in the world, which we know as “Masjid al-Nabawi and Masjid al-Haram”. And you see the beautiful map of Masjid Nabawi Email Yayim and learn a little about its builder, Dr. Muhammad Kamal Ismail, who liked to stay away from the news world. Born in 1908 and dying in 2008, Dr. Muhammad Kamal Ismail was the youngest person to be admitted to the Royal School of Engineering in Egypt and the youngest person to be sent to Europe to receive a doctorate.

He signed the contract for the construction and design of Haram Sharif, and despite the efforts of King Fahd and Bin Laden Company, he refused to take even a penny for his engineering design and supervision Returning the check of lakhs, he said to bin Laden, why should I take money to work in two holy mosques? If I do this, what face will I show to Allah in the hereafter?

The cost of the construction of Masjid al-Haram was more than 100 billion dollars even then, but see the faith of Dr. Kamal Ismail, who refused to take even a single penny. They got married at the age of 44. His wife gave birth to a son and died. After that, he remained alone and spent his whole time in worship till his death. He lived to be 100 years old and spent the entire 100 years serving two mosques, remaining anonymous in the media and newspapers.

Why did Allah Almighty give only Muhammad Kamal Ismail the task of building these two mosques for the second time? There are some things based on which Allah Ta’ala did this blessed work with Dr. Muhammad Kamal Ismail. There is a very interesting and famous story about the marble laid in Harmaan Sharif. This is the stone, which existed only in the small mountain of Greece in the whole world. Its specialty is that it keeps the floor cool, even in hot weather. Dr. Kamal arrived in Greece and signed a contract to buy almost half of the mountain for the Haram.

Thus, this stone was installed in Haram Sharif. When the construction of Haram Sharif was completed, the Saudi King asked Dr. Kamal to use the same stone in Masjid Nabawi Ali Karim, but fifteen years had already passed. Now they were worried, because the falls were the only place in the world where this stone was found and they had already bought half the mountains themselves. Dr. Kamal says that he went to the Chief Executive Officer of the same company and asked him about it. The Chief Executive Officer told him that we had sold that marble only after you left. It has been fifteen years now. Hearing this, Dr. Muhammad Kamal got upset and left the meeting.

Pomegranate is hard to find, but give me your phone number. I try to find. He gave his phone number and hotel address and came back. Before leaving the office of the marble company, Mohammad Kamal thought of what to do. Whoever bought it, Allah will arrange it himself, God willing. Then the next day, a few hours before leaving for the airport, he received a call saying that I had found a buyer for the marble. Dr. Muhammad Kamal was very happy to hear this but at the same time he was afraid that after such a long time he would be able to meet the buyer or not. When they reached the office, the secretary gave the address of the marble buyer company.

When Dr. Kamal saw that pistachio, Tuan Kadal forgot to beat for a while, because the company that bought the marble was a Saudi company. Dr. Kamal took a flight and on the same day went straight to the marble buying company and met the owner of the company and asked him what did you do with the marble you bought from Grace? He replied that I do not remember anything. He asked his store department where the white marble that was ordered from Greece was, and the store people said that all the marble was still there and had never been used. Hearing this, Dr. Muhammad Kamal Ismail started crying like a baby and told the whole story to the owner of the company.

Dr. Kamal gave a blank check to the owner of the company and said to fill it with the amount you want and hand over the marble to me. When the owner of the company found out that these marbles were going to be used in Masjid Nabawi Tay or Tum, he said, “I will not take a single penny of it.” Will Allah buy this marble from me and then I forget about it?

This meant that this marble was not used in the Prophet’s Mosque. This is the Masjid Nabawi Milli Ilam, which was built by Hazrat Muhammad, and we ourselves built it with our own blessed hands. This is the place where your M.K.’s camel was built, and one brick of it was laid by the Rashidun Caliphs Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique and Hazrat Umar RA. How lucky they are, whom Allah Ta’ala has saved for the construction of His two holy places. May Allah grant Muhammad Kamal Ismail a high place in heaven and raise his grave. Amen.

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