The benefits of foot massage that I’ve heard

benefits of foot massage that I've heard

Hello readers! I have benefited a lot from Abkari. Now I am presenting some of my experiences in the service of readers. We were making a wooden cupboard at home. Badi Banwar went to work one day and came the next day. The closet handle was reduced, but I did not find it. Then I remembered Abkari’s stipend. Yahweh or Moses When I read this stipend, it came to my mind from Allah that I should check in the garbage. There, he found the inside of the box. They went into the garbage while cleaning.

It’s always profitable to buy

I pray for protection in the morning and evening. I was often injured. The hand used to burn while cooking, but now it is Allah’s grace that often the hot hand also catches the hand while cooking, so there is no burn. Doesn’t make a mark. Every time I go to the market to shop, I read Allah La-Khalabah all the way. With the blessing of this gift, the shopkeeper himself
Reduces the rate and gets the best thing.

The simple but amazing thing about feminine problems

I sleep with oil on the soles of my feet and apply it to my nose and navel. He wakes up fresh in the morning. My body is light throughout the day. Massaging oil on the soles of the feet and applying oil to the navel enhances feminine beauty and is very beneficial for the hidden diseases of women. expiration or expiration. Back pain that occurs before the onset of menstruation It’s not even a month. There is no feeling of weakness.

There was a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and acidity

There was a problem with digestion. There was a state of nausea. Ever since Shirazi heard about Qahwah and made and used it,. If you drink this juice, the stomach remains light and you feel good. Recipe for Shirazi Kahwa: 100 grams of Badyan Khatai, 20 grams of cloves, 20 grams of cinnamon, 50 grams of small cardamom, and 20 grams of large cardamom pods—all the ingredients are finely ground.

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licorice was as good as over Not only did I get a process from Abkari

I have seen the unique blessings of this process in life. the disease or the work for which it is done. That’s a benefit. One girl had a problem with licorice. The problem is not solved. Then I did this to him, and his leucorrhoea was finished as it was. Not at all. There are many benefits to this process for other household chores as well. By doing this process while cooking, the food becomes ludicrous; if there are more guests, the blessing is added to less food. Muhammil: At the beginning and at the end, recite Surah Al-Qadr three times, Surah Al-Qadr three times, and Surah Al-Qadr three times. A gentle massage of olive oil on the eyes and eyebrows while sleeping gives a lot of relief. sleeps very quickly. The eye is sharp, and the eyelids are long and strong.

The process of making the impossible possible

If I face a problem that is not possible, I do what Sheikh Al-Wadhaif did at that time. When his passport was lost during the Hajj journey, he read this stipend and got his passport. This is the reward: “I ask Allah for whatever I want to do.

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